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I’m digging all the stuff on the Armenian Genocide this year, the wiki articles and NPR coverage. I’d only vaguely known what the Armenian Genocide was, it’s fascinating to hear the history and context of it, and personal stories about what it means to people today. WBUR had this interview with Eric Bogosian and some others, and at one point this guy starts playing a traditional Armenian instrument called the duduk. OH. MY. GOD. The sound is simultaneously profound and mournful, I don’t know how a physical object can create such an instant and deeply emotional reaction in me. You’ve heard it before, in the background of Battlestar Galactica, and Peter Gabriel’s Passion, that reedy, low droning tenor. I turned off the TV, the radio, the lights, and found some on Spotify, and just sat on my couch, listening. I haven’t done that in years.
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