mishak (mishak) wrote,

The Sarantine Mosaic

I’ve been re-reading some Guy Gavriel Kay books, Sailing To Sarantium and Lord of Emperors, it’s been like 15 years since I’ve last read them, and they’re still marvelous. Guy Gavriel Kay is a genius with plot, language, and character, and these two books are my favorite. I wouldn’t say his books are _better_ than Song of Ice & Fire, but they’re more tightly written, and have, y’know, an ending. Guy Gavriel Kay writes in such an emotionally engaging way, when I finish one of his books I’m heartbroken to leave his world, I want to turn right back to the first page and start again. When I finish reading a Song of Ice & Fire book, I’m just tired.

It surprises me that, with all the Game of Thrones/Spartacus/Rome/Vikings shows out there, no one’s tried to do a Guy Gavriel Kay book for the screen. It’s probably for the best. I can’t imagine a screen adaptation doing justice to any of the novels, they are so perfect unto themselves, and I want them to stay that way. When I hear people get all cranky about film adaptations (“The Hobbit suxx!”) I tend to dismiss them as cantankerous whiners; the film should be judged independently of the text, taking liberties with the source material is a good thing. Your precious book is still there on your shelf, Hollywood can’t take it from you. But with the Sarantine Mosaic, I think I see where they’re coming from. I am so invested in these stories, Do Not Change A Thing Or I Will Kill You.
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