mishak (mishak) wrote,

Welcome to Turkiye

On the subway from Ataturk International Airport to Istanbul, about one out of eight women wear headscarves, maybe one out of 50 wear the head-to-toe hijab. So headscarves arean’t unusual by any means, but nowhere near the majority. Besides that, girls wear just about the same stuff as America, everything from tank tops and shorts to business suits, and everyone’s happily getting along. Turkey is not a Muslim country, it’s a country with a lot of Muslims in it. Their government is purposefully non-religious, and while a few noisy wackjobs might want to change that, the overwhelming majority of people are satisfied with church/state separation. In other words, it’s just like America. I dunno what I was expecting, maybe a certain measure of Muslimness that women being more covered up? But there are chicks in bikinis and lingerie in advertisements and TV, just like normal countries. The sexuality might be a bit less aggressive than the US, like, there is no Turkish Nicky Minaj. But give them a few years and I’m sure they’ll catch up. Humanity’s progress marches ever onwards.
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